Product Testing

Want free stuff?… Try Product Testing!

When large companies develope new products, they dont just make them then put them on the market in the hope that the general public will like and buy them. Oh no, there is far too much money at stake to just do that, I mean, the development of say, the iPhone would have cost Apple millions and millions of pounds, imagine if they didnt get the public to test it first and when they had the public general release it was met with criticism and it flopped ( didnt by the way) they would have lost a fortune. Even big companies cant afford to throw that kind of money away.

So what they do is, during the development stage of the product, this after they have done all the market research ie through Public Surveys (which is another good way to get free stuff), they release a batch of products to certain individuals to evaluate them to see if they have any flaws or something that is missing or something that the product has, that never gets used etc!

The company then gathers all this information and feeds it back into the development process to make neccessary changes to the product. They may then release them again in the same manner to repeat the process with the end goal being , thet the final general public release for the product is met with great success, and that generally means huge sales and revenues for the company.

So, companies offer a whole range of stuff to the public to test, as a perk of being a product tester you are generally allowed to kepp whatever it is you are testing as a freebie, this is how you can get free stuff by being a product tester.

Which Products Get Tested?

All manner of products get released for testing including, electronic goods, as I mentioned earlier, clothing, makeup and perfumes, toys and other childrens stuff. Food manufacturers also have product testers another famous company that uses them, this may raise a few eyebrows is Durex the condom manufacturer, lets be face it, they need to know if the public like their condoms otherwise they could be throwing money away too.